Why the coup was not a Theater coup by Erdogan himself, reasons?

Let’s put some lights into the events of Turkish coup and Counter coup.

  1. Simply Erdogan cannot afford a self-engineered coup when his country is in a deep security and medium economic crisis. Any coup can create more uncertainty. A Coup also has deep consequence in previous and forthcoming business deals. Erdogan wants the west, but the west doesn’t want him, and the people of Turkey wants Erdogan. The west wants him down to make more profitable negotiations with Turkey, economically, militarily, geopolitically and philosophically. The west has historical distance with the mass political sentiment of the Turkish people as well.
  2. Though Erdogan thwarts the first wave coup, it is not over here. Recently we have seen many alternatives of the military coup to topple the elected governments. Look at Brazil.
  3. Erdogan knows it well that any coup (successful of failed) will have more chaos and more armed division in whole Turkey. With a rational mind, he would never want to setup or design a coup against him though it could give him five minutes of fame for his popularity in Turkey but ruin his geopolitical comfort of tactful negotiator in the world politics of chaos.
  4. As we have seen, a failed coup (killed more than 300 military personnel and detained 6000) also put severe damage within the military institutions as well. Can he afford divisions into his military when Erdogan needs more unity amongst it to face present geopolitical challenges?

By Ahmed Rajeev – Kazakhstan

WTTV Contributor 



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