The “conflict” in Eastern Ukraine is no topic that can be treated like a war, in the literary sense of that word. For the war maniacs in the US, it’s a war like the ones Americans wage outside their borders. Their superior firepower had pulverized centers of civilization into rubble around the globe. Their mainstream media have entertained their audience at home with live streaming those images of death, destruction and chaos. Yet, there was a war they fought for roughly twenty years in south-east Asia. In spite of the overwhelming firepower and superior war technology, the US was humiliated in Vietnam. Forty long years have passed since that Dutchman, Hubert van Es, shot the picture of the helicopter atop the apartment that housed the CIA in Saigon, but the Americans haven’t yet learned, what happened to their firepower in Vietnam. That’s because they lack the wisdom and knowledge that spring out of a sense of togetherness and bondage, metamorphosed over centuries of common history. Coco Cola, Levis, Hollywood and Chevys failed to garner support for the Americans in South Vietnam because the people living on the north of the 17th Parallel were the same as those lived in the south of it.

For decades passed since that page of history was turned over but history repeats. The wise and rational statesmen learn from history, but the arrogant and the proud do not. The days of winning a war by murdering the people are over. That was the order of war during the barbarian days. Today no nation, however powerful it is, can win a war unless supported by the people where it is waged. In spite of the tons and tons of manipulated news aired by the western mainstream media, a simple truth remains in Eastern Ukraine. The people there do not support the cause of the war being fought on their land. As long as that truth remains, NATO will lose in Eastern Ukraine if they interfere there.


By Sibi Vettom – India

WTTV Contributor


(Please Note The Views and Opinions Expressed in this Article are Not Representative of Western Truth TV (WTTV), WTTV Management, or the Founder Sean Davis)

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