Any ideology that denies freedom to the people would be destroyed by the people. Yet, there is no ideology that lets people to enjoy full freedom; whether it is political or social or economic or religious. Freedom renders an ideology irrelevant. Ideologies tie down the free spirit in people, to their interpretations with numerous tangible and intangible cords. Every ideology conceived, is an attempt to enslave the people by the beneficiaries of it. However, a free spirit cannot be enslaved by an ideology. Mahatma Gandhi was a man who knew it. Anybody who wants to stay free in this world must be fully independent; a fully independent human cannot be tied down to an ideology for the simple reason that every ideology and every organization built on those ideologies have their vested interests. It is impossible for a man to defend an ideology and at the same time continue the search for truth. At some point, the search would collide with the vested interests of the ideology and you’d be forced to choose. If truth is chosen, you risk being branded a traitor by the ideology and earn enemies. So, why join an ideology? You belong to yourself and the truth is within you. Why you let others to impose limits on you in the search for truth which is within you? A fully independent mind finds it on its own terms; not on the terms dictated by an ideology. World is full of possibilities; when you join an ideology, those possibilities cease to exist. Let nobody, no ideology, nothing built on those ideologies, decide the scope and extent of those possibilities. And, that is what freedom is all about.



Sibi Vettom– India


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