The first time America came across me was when I wasn’t even in my Primary School. (I was born in the early sixties when systematic pre-school coaching wasn’t common in the villages of my state in India) It was when my father hanged a portrait of John F. Kennedy on the wall of my house along with Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad and some others I can’t remember..! I didn’t ask my father why he placed this American along with the founding fathers of modern India. Over fifty years later, I guess on the reason; probably Kennedy’s charisma and his appeal to the ordinary people, his exceptional ability to reach out to the commons all over the world, his capability to identify the dreams of the ordinary millions around him with his’, could have prompted my father to place him near my national leaders.

From the Kennedy days I passed through Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Regan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and reached Obama. It was a half century journey for me, a journey that transformed me from a young boy who was delighted to hear the name of America to a man who consider the US as the source of death, destruction and chaos in the contemporary world.

I’ve never been a Communist at any stage of my life. I rather fought them during my college and University days; dealt them defeats in University elections. I have never been an admirer of the USSR from an ideological perspective, but I was tilted to the geo-political lines adopted by that country since 1971, when President Richard Nixon adopted a stand in favour of Pakistan. America’s ‘love’ for Pakistan wasn’t from any noble values or principles they shared, but because the US found in Pakistan a pawn to be played against their Cold War enemy. President Nixon, on the advice of Secretary Kissinger, sided with Pakistan because India didn’t oppose America’s Cold War enemy to the extent the US wanted. Since then the US sided and supported Pakistan in its manoeuvrings against the Soviets and it continued till the end of the Cold War. By the time the Cold War was over, America had used Pakistan fully and found it of no more use. America’s love affair with Pakistan ended with the dumping of Pakistan in the trash the former had already created inside Pakistan.

The Cold War ended in the victory of Freedom over Authoritarianism, not the victory of the US over the USSR. The party sided with Freedom stayed and that sided with Authoritarianism vanished. The Cold War continued over 4 decades and the US leaders who commanded the War from Washington DC changed many times. In the beginning they relied on freedom, equality and justice to fight the War but with every new occupant of the White House, the thrust shifted from principles to weapons. When the Cold war ended, the US remained the sole super power on the planet and that was the opportunity that comes once in a millennium for a nation to shape the destiny of the world to a brighter one, benefiting the whole humanity. But unfortunately by that time, the leadership of America, in all the branches of the US Government, had deteriorated to the level of George W. Bush, the butcher of Iraq.

America wasted the dawn of the 21st century to create a new world order that could have ushered in a golden era in the world. Instead, under the Presidency of Clinton, the US launched a hidden agenda to remove every potential hurdle for a world under the US domination, where the US would decide for the rest. They courted Russia, not to restructure the country from the collapse of the Communist Dictatorship to a democratic system, but to bring Russia under the US economic and political dictatorship. They succeeded in weakening Russia to such a level that President Clinton went ahead with the expansion of the NATO to the east with the goal of encircling Russia. The intention was to cripple Russia permanently from any attempt to bounce back economically and militarily as a power to counter the US. They splintered Yugoslavia to scraps as the first step to recruit the scrapped entities into the NATO. They played the lucrative EU card with the east Europeans to recruit them to the NATO.

In the Middle East America played a different game. In Europe the US was careful to avoid civilian collateral damages. This was probably because the white Neo-Cons, who since the end of the Cold war had infiltrated into all the three branches of the US Government at all its levels, were merciful to their fellow men and women of the same race and religion. But in the Middle East lived the eternal enemies of Israel with a religion that could be interpreted by the hard core Neo-Cons as an entity to be countered and destroyed. They overtly and covertly flamed up the rivalries in that region and succeeded in converting the whole region into an inferno of unimaginable dimensions. George W. Bush, the butcher of Iraq ignited the Iraqi genocide that spilled over to the rest of the region and reached across the Mediterranean.

The emergence of Putin in Russia was probably an event the US Neo-Cons couldn’t comprehend at the beginning and by the time they realized it, it was too late. They immediately drew up a plan to get Russia bogged down internally and in their immediate neighborhood. Their support of the numerous Russian NGOs was an attempt to stir up internal dissent and to dislodge President Putin. But the smart guy saw the trap and removed it. The next attempt was Ukraine but again it misfired as the US failed to anticipate the Russian counter moves. Rather, today it looks like America could lose in Ukraine.

Fifty years since my father placed the portrait of President John F. Kennedy on the wall of my house, in a remote village in southern India, I grew up to what I am today. John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy brothers still evoke in me an unknown nostalgia of something exciting, thrilling and curious deep inside me, from my pre-school days. Nevertheless, his descendants bring to me a feeling of revulsion, shame and guilt. America has been so much transformed from a beacon of hope, liberty and freedom to the fountainhead of death, destruction and chaos in the world. I can’t agree with this nation, anymore.


By Sibi Vettom – India

WTTV Contributor


(Please Note The Views and Opinions Expressed in this Article are Not Representative of Western Truth TV (WTTV), WTTV Management, or the Founder Sean Davis)


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