Imagine a peaceful and quite land where the inhabitants lived a life of their own, based on their own rules and systems. Into this land came a foreigner seeking fortunes. The foreigner had with him a metal pipe that could kill a fellow human at the pull of a small leaver, without a physical encounter. The foreigner caught a few of the natives and displayed the lethality of the metal pipe. To halt further displays of the same kind upon the natives, the foreigner demanded precious metals and the likes. The natives gave the foreigner whatever he asked from them. The foreigner struck fortune in an unknown land across the oceans and returned with the fortune to be presented to his King and the other nobility. The King bestowed upon the noble son of the land, prestigious titles special privileges.

Months later the foreigner returned with more of his people, carrying more of the metal pipes to demand more of the precious metals and other movable wealth. They also demanded small favors like women and wine. The natives had no choice but yield to the demands to escape from the furious display of the metal pipe. The foreigners returned home with the wealth but came back again with more men and metal pipes. Eventually, some of the foreigners stayed back to collect the wealth for the men who would arrive again from their homeland.

The flow gradually gained momentum and the intruders in numbers occupied the land of the original inhabitants. The natives tried to resist and the intruders set on a course of mass murdering the natives with the metal pipes. Over a century, the intruders became the majority and gained the upper hand with overkill. The natives became the slaves of the intruders in their own land. The intruders set on a course to “civilize” the natives and introduced a new way of life.

A major component of the intruders’ new way of life is the production and possession of firearms to protect their lives from the “ill civilized barbarians”, and to safeguard their “newly acquired” properties. Eventually the pattern evolved into mass murdering the natives and the “patriotic” festival of “thanksgiving” was established.

The intruders in their quest for more wealth and power moved westward and they needed more and more firearms to “liberate” the new lands from the “ill civilized barbarians” and to protect the liberated lands from the wildlife. They reached the western limit and by the time, guns had become the culture of the intruders. With the drive southward to annex more lands from its rightful owners, the intruders set up more firearms production units. By the time the expansion drive was rolled back, individually owned guns became the guarantor of Law and Order in the lands occupied by the intruders.

Folks, the above narrative is the real history of today’s sole superpower on this planet, the US. Centuries had passed since Christopher Columbus discovered the western hemisphere and since then life changed beyond recognition. Yet one thing remained intact, the love for guns by a sizable portion of the US population. For these people, they are still living in the days of the ethnic cleansing in South America.

Gun-related violence in the US is spiraling upward annually. They are not often the story of criminals shooting the civilians and the Law enforcement officers, but the police shooting the unarmed civilians on suspicion of carrying a gun, or shoot to death in self defense. In the US, a country with a gun culture right from the days of Christopher Columbus, neither the argument that the police are not criminals nor that the civilians are unarmed stands on solid foundation. In a society partially built on a violent approach to solve its issues, the police would keep on shooting the innocents and the civilians would keep on falling collateral victims. The core issue is neither the police nor the civilians, but the easy availability of guns to anybody seeking it. The life style of the contemporary America creates more and more every year, who seek guns.

Epilogue – The foreign policy of a nation is usually an extension of its home policy, abroad.



By Sibi Vettom – India

WTTV Contributor


(Please Note The Views and Opinions Expressed in this Article are Not Representative of Western Truth TV (WTTV), WTTV Management, or the Founder Sean Davis)


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