“….no insult intended, you’d make for a terrible politician.”

This is the statement by a gentleman when I launched a torrential attack on the Turkish butcher, Erdogan, on the page of one of my friends.

I promptly replied, stating my least interest to become a politician. I further added that if I become a politician, I must get the power to cleanse the world of all the evil men and women. And I concluded by saying, I know I would never get it.

Two persons up voted the statement about me and both are my FB friends. Earlier one among them had made another observation that I am missing the bigger picture while calling for the removal of the Turkish Dracula, Erdogan. Those comments didn’t surprise me as my perspective is far different from the 24 x 7 political observers and intellectuals who need people like Erdogan to survive in order to show off their intellectualism.

I do not belong to that category. I belong to a small segment in the contemporary society, who they call the dreamers. I belong to a minority who long for the disappearance of death, destruction, chaos and insecurity from the society and for the elimination of its patrons like the ISIS and Erdogan. Nevertheless, the people who accuse me of being blind at the larger picture wish for these people to stay because without these people, they sink into oblivion.

They side with the Palestinians to defeat the Israelis and discuss strategies of winning the conflict in favor of the Palestinians. We support Palestinians to make peace with Israel and end the violence for good. They argue about the wrongs committed in the past, present and might commit in the future and prolong the bloodshed to infinity. We argue for putting downs the guns NOW and start living, not dying. Only the living can solve conflicts, not the dead and those in the line of death.

They side with Erdogan when he is pro Russian and miss the “bigger picture.” The same lot becomes his enemies when he ally with the US and discuss the strategies to corner and neutralize him. We miss the “bigger picture” but do not miss the pictures of the innocents being bombed and killed in their homes, children massacred in their schools, normal people beheaded by the beasts in human’s shape, girls being forcibly pulled out and sold as sex slaves. They are the topics for them to deliberate on the strategies to earn a win for the parties they support. We call for the end of this madness, never to be repeated anywhere again.

Yes, people like us would make “terrible politicians’, because we are not one among the vultures hovering over the skies to feast on the dead and the dying. Our existence is not based on the politicians who ensure death and destruction below to keep the vultures hovering over, but on the sweat we shed and the brain we use. Folks, they too are part of the bigger picture, the picture we see daily around us, the pictures of death, destruction, chaos and insecurity. Make no mistake, we would make for “terrible politicians” because they know, if power comes to us, their role is over. Dear friends, isn’t it better that we dream, rather than form the part of that “big picture”?


By Sibi Vettom – India

WTTV Contributor 



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