War Profiteers and Debt Enslavers Bring Humanity Down in Cycles

The elites know how to follow the money. In boom times, the big money is into the debt ownership of booming industries. The debts are unpayable of course, eventually leading to debt saturation, economic slowdown, and a tanking economy. Debt = Money. More debt requires more money plus more debt. How stupid is that. Of course the system is made to fail just like the wars are meant to fail and for the same reasons: the same people who make them, profit from them.
So after debts are saturated and economy can no longer handle any more debts and a debt implosion is engineered? At that time, the elites turn their money towards war. This is a proof for many long-wave economic cycles. Kondratieff Wave, The Fourth Turning and others. There has never been a secret to that. We are in the Winter cycle right now, the down turn cycle, the correction.
Here is where a study of “peak everything” and “convergence of crises” comes in. A lot has happened since the WWII era when we were here last time. Everything is bigger and more integrated and we have some new force multipliers. This next crash+war season has big promises compared to the last one. All the trends for society, economy, politics, ecology, and even spirituality seem to be lining up in a sort of “perfect storm” potentially. God help us if we don’t wake up and fix our systems before the crazies who control our systems put us into an unfixable situation.

By Tate Ulsaker – New Zealand

WTTV Contributor


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