War criminal billionaires are not “incompetent”

There are many people and organisations accessing war profits using deceptive means. These are very competent people involved. The desire to underplay the criminality involved is often closely related to a condition called cognitive dissonance, which is a general fear of confronting closely held beliefs like a belief that government would never commit atrocities, or mainstream news would never deliberately lie about a terror event to cover-up known government involvement.

The money-for-death machine won’t stop on it’s own. And the elites aren’t about to stop it. There is no governing authority willing to stop it. We see how the UN will support each new war effort but won’t criticize the ones who are clearly killing the most civilians and funding the most terror and importing the most stolen oil from their funded terror groups on the land where the civilians lie dead.

The only likely solution, if one is to be found, is probably on the other side of a general wake-up, which is long overdue. If an honest wake-up happens, it probably has to go beyond a general disease with migrants who take jobs or social welfare checks. Disliking the effects of war profits is not the same as taking a stand against killing innocent civilians. The latter is where the wake up needs to resonate. If it doesn’t, humanity is lost. If the planet can’t find humanity within, where is it going to come from?


By Tate Ulsaker – New Zealand

WTTV Contributor


(Please Note The Views and Opinions Expressed in this Article are Not Representative of Western Truth TV (WTTV), WTTV Management, or the Founder Sean Davis)


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