Upavistha Konasana – Seated Triangle Posture and Variations

Published on October 14, 2015 by Western Truth TV - WTTV

This video shows how to safely move into, hold and move out of the yoga asana Upavistha Konasana or “seated triangle posture”. Two variations to the asana, an intense side stretch and intense forward bend are also included.
Whatever level of experience and flexibility you have, work the posture mindfully and using your breath. When moving forward into the posture, exhale deeply; when releasing the posture and coming out of it, inhale deeply. When working on holding the posture, breathe in and out slowly and deeply – do not hold your breath. Use the outbreath to soften more deeply into the posture, and the inbreath to release and relax the posture. Never work to the point of straining or pain and be aware of how the posture affects you mentally as well as its physical effects.
Upavitha Konasana is especially helpful for firming the legs and stretching the hamstrings and inner thighs, as well as limbering and loosening the hip joints. Working with an elongated spine will ensure the vertebrae are protected and lengthened and spinal elasticity will be increased, especially in the lumbar region. In women the ovaries are massaged which helps to regulate menstral flow and hormonal health and balance.
If you are a beginner or pregnant, seek the guidance of your expert yoga teacher for doing easier, gentler variations.
Jenny Davis

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