Obama Signs Law On Space Mining

Published on December 5, 2015 by Atom


On November 25, President Obama signed into Law a bill that provides Federal legal protection for U.S. Corporations involved in space mining. Obama’s action is presented as protecting U.S. Corporate Interests for space mining ventures anticipated to begin around 2025. Yet there is compelling Evidence that the true intent is to protect corporations, up to the end of 2022, from prosecution for their ongoing criminal abuses in decades-long secret space mining operations.
The Act provides a way for any company presently mining resources in space, or that intends to, a free pass in so far as government regulation. Even if a company is found to be using slave labor, so long as they adhere to Space Act guidelines, no actions will be taken by the US or international regulators to stop criminal actions.
This could be an attempt by the secret space program and it’s cabal controllers to cleanup their operations in space so that when full disclosure occurs, it will cover themselves from any Criminal actions they have taken off world.
According to Whistle-blower Goode, Space mining involving U.S. corporations has been secretly run since the late 1950’s with the ongoing criminal abuse of workers who have been deceived, exploited and/or physically abused. In short, reported slave labor conditions exist in space mining operations going back to the 1950s.
See full details in the full article available on: http://exopolitics.org/obama-signs-law-protecting-corporate-crimes-in-space-until-2022/


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