Kiev junta’s Hitlerjugend: Azov’s camp of young fascists

Published on August 23, 2016 by Western Truth TV - WTTV

Watch video from camp of odious fascist regiment “Azov”, special unit of MIA of Kiev junta. They taught there children Nazi ideology and military science. Actually in western part of Ukraine from 2004 years or earlier were established secret military camps with Nazi ideology. There were taught future fascists, participants of fascist coup and cannon fodder of Kiev junta. But now these Nazi camps are public, with support from occupying pro-NATO regime. In the video you see solemn assembly of Azov’s children camp, the young Ukrainian fascists read the oath of Azov. At the end of this oath you can hear the slogans of Ukrainian fascists: Slava Ukraini – Geroyam Slava! [Glory to Ukraine – Glory to Heroes!], Slava Nazii – Smert Vorogam! [Glory to Nation – Death to Enemies!] Ukraina – Ponad Use! [Ukraine – above all!](3 times)

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