ISIS and Kiev Junta

Published on October 2, 2016 by Western Truth TV - WTTV

In this video some unit of Kiev junta using big slingshot for throwing of grenades. Video was recorded on 24th August 2016, at day of “independence” of Ukraine. Ukrainian fascists called their action as a salute in honor of the holiday. Precision of shooting from a slingshot is negligible, it is incompetent expenditure of ammunition. “Soldiers” of the Kiev junta has long been seen in overruns of ammunition, apparently the new members of NATO supply Kiev junta from their stocks of ammunition of Soviet times. If you saw videos from Syria, you could notice same behavior of ISIS and “moderate rebels”.

Their using slingshots too, obviously that NATO and Gulf monarchies supply ISIS/ “moderate” rebels by ammunition very well.

Video of Kiev junta hugs was recorded in town Mar’inka, near city Donetsk. You can notice that fascists established their firing point in some private yard.

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