I Stand With Russia Series 3 Promo

Published on March 17, 2016 by Western Truth TV - WTTV

People from across the Globe have come together to express solidarity with Russia during these times of hardship and constant attacks by the Western Media and Government’s. Attacks that are often based on lies which these people have come together to help explain the Truth behind them as part of ‘The West United for Russia’.

In this series everyday people from across the world give a number of different personal reasons as to why the stand with Russia. A key area people have come together in this series is to speak on the issue of ISIS and why they stand with Russia, the nation resolving this horrific problem and explain why the US and other western nations have no reason to stop ISIS as it is their own creation of destabilisation and terror. Other areas covered include NATO’s relationship in this and global conflicts in general. Russia as an obvious alternative to those who oppose the US New World Order and for those who also support tradition values over the liberal west. The ways in which western governments are using the terror threat to control their own people, silence political opposition and decent to their agenda. An update on the situation in Ukraine. As well as people contrasting the heavily controlled Mainstream media to alternative sources of media. This is a series not to be missed of over 10 videos and 8 different speakers from around the world.
A Western Truth TV Production created in conjunction with The West United for Russia and Produced and edited by Sean Davis from Sydney Australia.

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