I stand with Russia – Serge – Australia/Ukraine – #istandwithrussia Part 3

Published on March 17, 2016 by Western Truth TV - WTTV

Serge a Ukrainian born Australian joins the dots in global affairs, from the start of the so called ‘war on terror’ all the way to ISIS and the situation in Syria. He explains many reasons why Russia is in direct opposition to the “New World Order” – ‘quote’ the United States is trying to establish. He touches on a number of issues from Genetically Modified food to the Banking Cartels who attempt to run and ruin our world.
People from across the Globe have come together to express solidarity with Russia during these times of hardship and constant attacks by the Western Media and Government’s. Attacks that are often based on lies which these people have come together to help explain the Truth behind them as part of ‘The West United for Russia’.

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