A nation cannot be built on bravery alone. Its only one among the scores of ingredients needed for the formation of a nation state. If bravery alone was the foundation of a state, then Sparta of the ancient world would have thrived and remained in the modern world. Bravery is a very desirable quality but too much of it is dangerous. Unchecked bravery could cross a point where it would take the form of adventure and states can’t afford to stay adventurous. An adventurous state may stay over a period of time but would be destroyed itself or by others, eventually. This is true in the case of individuals as well, who constitute the state.

Bravery when applied with rationality brings in desired results that would stay over time. Bravery is not deeds alone. Bravery at its best and strongest form in an individual is manifested through the strategies adopted by a person to pass through the normal and abnormal stages in his or her life. It is adopted individually when issues involved can be solved individually. It is taken collectively when the issues facing the individuals can’t be individually solved. Democracy founded on universal suffrage is so far the sole system where these solutions can be made individually and collectively.

The symptoms of weakness in a person surface when he seeks help from others to solve the issues that could be solved individually. The brave solve them individually and the weak solve them collectively. The agenda of the Communists is to weaken the individuals and deprive them of the ability to solve the issues individually. This is the idea behind their collectivism. The Communist idea is to strip the individuals of their power to take decisions and make them dependent on an artificial entity. In the terminology of the Communists, this entity is often a Party. Bravery has no place in the Communist theory. Slavery is the principle on which they thrive and their theories are all part of the propaganda to hide this truth from the people they convert into their slaves.

Democracy rooted in freedom is the only system in which the brave individuals can decide for themselves. The Communists fear the brave and choke freedom and democracy, the medium that stimulates bravery. Dictatorship of the proletariat is the system they devised to subvert and destroy freedom. The Communists fear freedom and democracy because they survive on weak individuals sans decision making capability. They grab the decision making for themselves from the individuals and convert the individuals into their slaves. Slaves have no choice but to obey the orders of their master.

It takes extra ordinary courage and bravery from the part of a nation to analyze its mistakes and to chart out a course for the future. This process offers choices to the people. A nation where this analysis is denied or restricted, the society freezes into a dead entity, but it ferments over time creating enough pressure to explode. The right way for a society or nation to ensure its future and stability is to provide unrestricted opportunities for the people to raise their opinions without fear of being victimized. A state that fails in this would disintegrate and vanish. This is what happened to the various Communist states that were put up over the years in Europe since the October revolution in Russia. The Communists who came to power in those states rewrote the history of their nations based on a utopian idea and started a new course. In less than 75 years, one by one, they all disintegrated and vanished.

(This article is not meant for the psychopaths of any spectrum; right or left, Communist or Capitalist.)


By Sibi Vettom – India

WTTV Contributor


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