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Some Tips For Writing A Good Article
Use a good Title that begs to be clicked.
Any applicable images for this article ? Pictures can help draw in the reader’s attention.
Make sure you’re spacing things out .. plenty of white space between key points. Or even including Lists of things.
Go from introducing a question or topic, to arriving at a good solid point at the end.
Re-read this entry – if you were the visitor is there any part of it that would make you want to add a comment?
Ask yourself if, in each Article you write: ‘Am I veering away from my true passion just to out-controversial others?’.. Try not to.
Are you lettiing your personality shine through; after all, that’s what social media is all about.
Short, precise sentences with single ideas are great. Do you have many of these?
Did you include tags relevant to this Article that help guide searches towards this page.
Spell Check!

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