Two tragic events unfolded this week in that much celebrated great society, the United States. Two “black” men were murdered by the “white” cops for no reason. Five “white” cops were shot dead by a “black” veteran, apparently for no reason. In both cases, lives were lost and it is a tragedy for both the “whites” and the “blacks.”

The civil rights movement during the 60s brought to the forefront of the US civil society an issue the “model society” of progress and prosperity was hesitant to deal with in public. Yet, the civil rights movement gained massive momentum under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. and the “white” leadership of the US was compelled to yield to the aspirations of the “black” community to bring about normalcy in the society. All those Laws and measures brought in by the “white” leadership to address the genuine and fundamental grievances of the “blacks” weren’t from their sense of equality, justice and liberty, but from an urgent need to bring in a social equilibrium. They tried to create and stabilize this equilibrium at the very lowest level as the “white” minds weren’t yet tuned to embrace equality and justice on a universal scale. They had accepted it only among themselves. And it is sad as well as unfortunate that the mindset of a sizable portion of the US “white” population is in the same plane. The incidents that happened in Texas are no ordinary incidents of Law & Order, but an issue that has yet to be addressed from an open forum by the white majority including the “whites” among them.

Nevertheless, the response by the US media and the mainstream politicians are strange. The mainstream media have already shifted the focus from the murder of the innocent blacks by the “white” cops to the shooting of the five “brave and valiant and duty bound” Law enforcement officers who laid down their lives for the land. This approach would do little to address the core issue of racism in the US society. The issue to be addressed by the US society is the reasons that contribute to the emergence of violence as a way of living. The issues to be analyzed are the factors that breed violence and racism in the minds of the US citizens right from their date of birth to their day of demise. Racism and violence are interlinked; racism cannot breed in peace loving minds.

During my days in NYC, I had the chance to see some of the sources of violence in the US society. Most of the toy shops were packed with toys and games that promote violence in the tender minds. I had seen some of the toy heroes carrying blood stained chain saws in one hand and a chopped head in the other. Years later, this image came back to me when I saw the ISIS monsters doing the same in real life. I had seen in another place, Gatlinburg in Tennessee, a mother slapping her little son on the face in public. In a Washington DC Electronic store, I’ve seen young children watching wrestling mania and shouting to their favorite heroes on the screen to kill the other. Most of the computer and mobile games launched in the US are killing based. (I am fully aware that this is not restricted to the US alone but gradually invading the whole world on a corporate scale) A society that promotes violence and instruments of violence in public can’t establish a peaceful society.

A violent society cannot produce peaceful citizens. The scanning of the US society over the last few decades would also reveal the reason for its interference around the world, converting peaceful nations and societies into dens of violence and sufferings. The campaign caption of George W. Bush, the number one living criminal in the world, during his second run for the White House was, “stay the course.” And, what was the course he adopted in Iraq? Kill, kill and kill more. The majority of the US voters endorsed that caption and the butcher’s term was extended to another four more years to continue with the Iraqi genocide. George W. Bushes could not have survived in a peaceful society, but in the United States.

The root cause of the tragic incidents in Texas is not the existence of crime and petty crime in the American society, but the existence of inequality and injustice in it. Violence is the easiest manifestation of this state of the society. It can’t be removed by electrocuting or poison injecting the convicts. It is something that would take one or two generations to cure, if right measures are adopted today. The longer the delay, the worst it would be for the US and for the rest of the world.


By Sibi Vettom – India

WTTV Contributor


(Please Note The Views and Opinions Expressed in this Article are Not Representative of Western Truth TV (WTTV), WTTV Management, or the Founder Sean Davis)

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