NOT VOTING FOR HILLARY, Says Amber Carey from California, USA!

I cannot in good conscience cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. She stole the primary elections from Bernie Sanders. Wikileaks uncovered this through their leaks of the DNC emails. I also had a funny feeling something was foul when they called it for Hillary Clinton on June 7th, six hours before the California polls closed. Not to mention the irregularities at the polling stations, Voters not being on the list even though they were registered. This actually happened to me. They claimed I was not on the list even though I had my mail in ballot in my hand, proof I was registered. If you choose to not vote by mail you bring it with you to turn it in in exchange for voting in person.

Once it was released about the emails, the DNC automatically jumped into the blame Russia mode. Claiming that Wikileaks is a Russian agent. They’re still trying to sell that narrative, and many are falling for it. My guess that it is easier to blame an outside source rather than face the fact that their party is no Different than the GOP in rigging votes. I guess the main difference, if you can call it that, is that the GOP is more open on their Shenanigans.

Another reason I cannot vote for Hillary: her ties to Wall Street and the Military industrial complex, which plays into her foreign policy.

We can no longer afford our foreign policy, or an over bloated military. We spend millions every day on illegal occupations, 900+military bases worldwide, not to mention any special forces stirring up Trouble Lord knows where. Jill Stein has said she will cut back on that. Money we spend on an over bloated military will instead go to schools, hospitals and public infrastructure. We could use that money here at home, creating society rather spending it on bombs bent to destroy.

Hillary would not even think of reducing this. In fact she is thick with the Likes of Henry Kissinger and Victoria Nuland, who literally spend their days dreaming up new conflicts. I am sure Hillary will have troops on the ground in Syria quicker than anything, if they are not there already in the form of “Military Advisors”. Trump is no different. His isolationist stance is just a show, as is his claim to support Russia. I can guarantee that his tune would become more hard line toward countries not falling in line with US interest if he gets in the oval office. Fat chance of that happening anyway, with every stinking white nationalist crawling out of their wormholes supporting him.

Under Hillary, expect more demonization of Russia and Syria. Expect more staged protests in places like Venezuela and other Latin American countries. Remember, she was implicated in the 2009 coup in Honduras, and in the assassination of Berta Carceres. Funny, for all the Democratic claims of being progressive, they sure like overthrowing and assassinating progressive leaders abroad in the name of big business. Expect more military spending. Nothing will change under her.

Jill Stein actually stands by her beliefs. She has not sold out. In fact she was recently arrested protesting against the Dakota pipeline. I respect her.

By Amber Carey – California, USA

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