Ignorance of the Law? An Excuse or not?

In Australia, one of the basic doctrines in determining guilt, is “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. So that if you commit a felony you are charged with the offence even if you did not know that you were breaking the law.
Having just watched 4 hours of the senate enquiry into James Comey’s decision, I have discovered that under USA law, ignorance of the law is an excuse. In fact a successful prosecution requires proof that a person knew they were breaking the law. In essence, they must establish intent to break the law. It is on this point and this point alone that Comey made his decision. Like it or not, that is their law. Of course one could argue that as a lawyer, a senator and secretary of state, how could Clinton not know the law, especially being surrounded by a clutch of high price legal advisors. This however is speculation. It also proves absolutely that she is unfit to hold the office of president.
She also lied, under oath, to the senate and she lied to the citizens of the USA. Further facts that make her unfit to be president.
Another pertinent point is that her solicitors destroyed evidence, a fact of which she, if you believe her statements, was ignorant.
The questions remaining in my mind are: – Should the FBI now investigate her for perjury? :- Should her team of solicitors be charged for obstruction of justice?


By Daniel King – Queensland, Australia

WTTV Contributor 



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