Guns, lies & videotape

“In war the truth is always the first victim. We – Belgium as member of NATO – are at war. Have been for a long time. Even though that’s not what you’re being told, NATO is waging war in Ukraine and Turkey and NATO is inciting war in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Furthermore NATO is arming Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Romania and Kosovo to the teeth for even more war.

And you won’t be seeing it on the news, because WWIII won’t be about major troop movements and epic tank battles the likes of which we saw in WWI and WWII. No, WWIII will be fought with missiles, drones, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and with electronic destruction of information systems. The frontline won’t be far off, but next door. In my case: a cruise missile on Brussels NATO HQ will threaten my life as if I were stuck in a 1916 Verdun trench.
Belgians are being kept from hearing the news more or less like the Germans and Austrians in 1939. That makes the Belgians victims already and many at the same time will become war criminals as well.”
(based on a a comment by Olav ten Broek)

News from Donetsk: since 1800h yesterday the city is being bombarded by heavy artillery, mortars and rockets from pro NATO troops. Troops supported by Belgium. A severe violation of Minsk II and a textbook example of Ukrainian aggression. Yes, them!

That’s why you’re not hearing it on the news. They weren’t talking about tens of deaths, thousands of refugees and schools and hospitals blown to bits. Instead they told you of a beautiful goal, the discomfort of a wasp sting in summer and of refugees on your favorite holiday island in the mediterranean.

Photo 2 shows us NATO general Breedlove (what’s in a name), saying that “if Russia smuggles guns and troops into a ‘member state’, ‘like they did on Crimea’, Russia is risking ‘total war’. Did VRT and VTM inform you about plans for ‘total war’ recently?
It might be useful to know that your generals are planning one.
‘Totaler Krieg’ is a phrase Joseph Goebbles used in 1943. Shortly afterward the people of Hamburg got to experience what that really meant.
But Ukraine isn’t a NATO member at all and Crimea had its 30.000 Russian troops stationed there since ages, in accordance with international treaties.
I would rather call Breedlove Breedhate, although there’s nothing remotely funny about starting WWIII. Are you still with me?

Then on to photo 3. I gathered that all these acts of war had caused millions of people to flee and many thousands to die, almost exclusively on the Russian speaking side. That would leave an enormous number of orphaned and fleeing Russian speaking children. I was curious what the Dutch War Child Foundation would be doing to help these children.
But alas, they are mere Russian speaking children. They do not seem to be deserving of European compassion…

Photo 4 is my own contribution to the hypocrisy. It is in Russian and it says: “Attention. You are reading western propaganda.” Try searching for alternative media for a change, they’ll tell you an entirely different story than the one the western main stream media are trying to force down your throats. Think for yourselves for once. Stop the idiocy. Bring the western madness to a grinding halt.


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By Koen Van Dessel

Brussels Belgium



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