Who decides what is right and what is wrong in a society is of paramount importance to the residents who constitute the society. Societies where the religious scriptures make these decisions are dangerous to live. They are dangerous because of the inherent possibility of freedom colliding with the limitations imposed on individuals by the religions and its interpreters. Equally dangerous are the societies where a particular ideology decides what is right and what is wrong. In both cases individuals are reduced to salves.

My state in India, Kerala, is one of the last corners of the world where Lenin and Stalin, two of the mass murderers of the 20th century, are still worshiped by a set of pathetic men and women under the bondage of a failed ideology. The people under the bondage of those antiquated ideologies once blockaded the state’s administrative centre. They came in numbers from all over the state to lay blockade to the administrative nerve centre of the state. Around 45000 people slept on the major roads around the building that houses the state’s legislature. They answered the call of the nature on the sewage canals on either side of the roads. The capital city came to a standstill and life became hell to the residents of the city. This happened in Kerala, the most literate state of the Indian Union.

These people came to the streets of the capital city, heeding the call of the Communist Party leaders, to oust the democratically elected government of the state. Those vintage leaders decided what was right and what was wrong and the people accepted the rationale of those ideological trashes. This is a typical case of ideological bondage. The people who went to lay the siege around the state legislature are the slaves of the modern era, intoxicated by a perverted ideology soaked in the blood of millions of innocents. They are no different from their brethren in the Middle East who cause death and destruction by exploding themselves for the sake of a religion and its fanatic leaders. In both cases, the question, what is right and what is wrong, is decided by a small group of people whose actions take away the freedom of those around them.

Slavery denies freedom. To build a successful society, slaves and their masters must not be allowed any role in deciding what is right and what is wrong. Indeed, there can’t be a distinction between the slaves and their masters; both are slaves. While the followers are the slaves of their masters, the masters are the slaves of religions and ideologies. Slaves are denied the right to think and are controlled by others, either by man or by a man made ideology. A human who lets others to control him is a serious danger to the people around him. So, who must decide what is right and what is wrong?

Law alone has the authority to decide what is right and what is wrong. A law becomes Law only when it is founded on freedom. Anything that restricts freedom is no Law and it must be kept away from deciding what is right and what is wrong.

Every ideology, every belief, every theory, every principle, created by man restricts freedom. Freedom does not come from man; it is an expression of the universe. Freedom is not at the mercy of man; it is an expression of a ‘state of being’. It is the ‘state of being’ of each and every component that constitutes the universe. Man has neither the right to grant nor the right to deny freedom because it does not come from man. Every man is an independent component of the universe. No man has the right to question his fellow being’s independence. Denial of freedom is questioning the independence of a component of the universe. Neither religion nor an ideology is a component of the universe. They are lies because they do not exist. Universe is the truth; everything else is lie. An ideology that steals and limits the freedom of man is a negation of the truth. People who accept limits to their freedom are slaves and slaves are cowards. A religion or an ideology that restricts man’s right of expression is the armour of cowardice.

Law must be the sole instrument that decides what is right and what is wrong. Law is not made by the humans; it is part of the universe. Gravity is not manmade; it is part of the Universe. Every component of the universe, including man, has the freedom to exist and vanish as per the Laws of the Universe. A human doesn’t possess the right to decide on the origin, existence and transformation of a fellow human- all the humans are independent of each other; they are the independent components of the Universe. No component of the Universe creates its own Laws; it functions within the Universal Law. Man is a component of the Universe and man can’t create Laws. Law is the acceptance of man as an independent component of the Universe within the Laws of the Universe. Each component of the universe is independent as well as dependent on the Universe. Laws define the independence of man as well as his dependence on the society around him. There is no other Law in the world except the acceptance of this reality. Everything else found as the constitutions, criminal laws, civil laws are all methods devised by humans to make the men and women respect this Universal Law.


By Sibi Vettom – India

WTTV Contributor


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