Hanoi is a city of thousands of years of culture with the oldest historical sites and also the administrative center of Vietnam today.
Hanoi change colors through every season of the year, you’ll see colorful Hanoi when the young spring, then summer came back to Hanoi with flaming red phoenix beams flooded the streets, watching alternately light purple flowers that love Phuong interest Bang Lang. It would be great if you visit Hanoi in the autumn – the leaves fall season, the beauty of autumn in Hanoi has long been a poet, writer comes in many famous works, and now the beauty that has captured the heart.

An ancient city, with lots of natural beauty, the beauty of the people expressed through the way of life – Hanoi, and the beauty of Hanoi cuisine has led many to remember, so it has every reason for you to visit this place before?

Plans to explore the beauty of this in the near future yet.

– You are planning a trip around Hanoi?

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