Australia, let us rejoice Anarchy

On the second of July, Australia went to the polls to choose who our next leader (Master) is.

The day started like any normal election: people handing out how to vote cards, the media trying to guess a result, the political parties trying to get their last message out and voters trying to get in line to get a sausage and bread after their vote.

But when the polls closed, there was a real feeling in the air that this election, unlike most others, was different. The reasoning for this is that the votes of the two major parties (Liberal and Labor) were ‘too close to call’ for four hours after polls had closed – usually a winner is called at least an hour or two after the polls close.

The election was held on a Saturday and the vote counting will resume on Tuesday, there is a possibility of Australia not having a Federal Government for three whole days. This is a massive deal, not because how close this election was, but because Australians have no Government.

Yes, laws are still in place, and yes there are still State Governments in power, but Federally, there is no Government. No one calling for wars, no one protecting the borders and no one forcing a gun to my head for tax money – while the people who occupy these roles may continue by default, they have no masters, and if it were to continue like this, they would receive no further instructions from upstairs. No one is in charge right now!

It’s looking like this election will be a hung parliament meaning that there could be another election and people will go to the polls again or a group of cross-benchers (independents) will decide on who wins. More political issues.

What interests me, is that as an Anarchist I’m always told “Anarchy is just a dream” or asked “who will protect us?”, but as I write this article, Australia is in a type of Federal Anarchy, we have no Government and – surprising to me – people got up in the morning, they went to work, they freely exchanged, they ate, they looked after each other and they did things for rational reasons.

The point is, no one died because the lack of power, the sky did not fall in, kangaroos did not form an army to take over Australia and a zombie apocalypse did not happen. At the end of the day nothing happened, things went as they naturally do.

It’s interesting to me how normal things are, and how people have just lived their life.

Now lets pose a thought: if this is possible Federally, this could also be possible at a state level and also locally. A country without a Government is very possible, and this excites me and others who are pro liberty and laissez-faire capitalism – many of whom identify, like me, as Anarchists.

This is a very interesting time in Australian politics.

Anarchy is not a dream, it is the default reality.

By Felicity Sharpe – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

WTTV Contributor


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