The Guardian, in its editorial on 29 August 2014, titled, The Guardian view on new Russian incursions into Ukraine, wrote — Mr. Putin has rubbed salt into the Ukrainian wound, in one of his historical soliloquies, by saying that it seems to him that Russians and Ukrainians are “practically one people”, and that Kiev’s military campaign “sadly reminds me of the events of the second world war when German fascist… occupants surrounded our cities”. Ukrainian shelling of civilian areas is indeed to be deplored, but otherwise Mr. Putin’s history, as so often, is at fault. He forgets that Ukraine decisively rejected union, or even close association, with Russia in 1991.

With all respect to Guardian, let me reject the “Guardian view on new Russian incursions into Ukraine” as fundamentally wrong and geo-politically misplaced. The Guardian view is nothing new but just an extension of the aggressive Western view that they represent Freedom and Democracy and their views alone are right and rational.

Since the end of the 2nd World War, the number of American interventions in foreign shores has been much more than the same by Russia. American interventions have resulted in much more human sufferings and deaths around the world and have resulted in the formation of evil forces that have assumed freighting proportions, compared to what Russia has done outside their borders.

The Russia-Ukraine boarder was one of the most peaceful and normal borders in the world till the coup in Kiev, where a bunch of street hooligans and ultra-rightist nationalists forced out the democratically elected President and transferred power to a “Parliament”. The whole world had live witnessed the conduct of that “Parliament” where the members were physically wrestling and trading blows against each other. It wasn’t a Parliament but an amphitheatre. Nevertheless, NATO and the West found it a “people’s democratic revolution” where a “dictator” was ousted by the population. Americans rushed in their intelligence personal and the CIA chief was personally there. Definitely he wasn’t there on a vacation.

In 1962, the Kennedy Administration rightly interfered in Cuba to protect America’s national interests. President Kennedy was absolutely right when he decided to remove a direct threat to his nation’s security from a few miles away. Today Russia is doing the same but America and NATO refuse to accept the right of Russia to defend its national security interests in its backyard. NATO is expanding to the boarders of Russia not to present the Russians with flowers and NATO shouldn’t expect the Russians to greet them with extended hands and smiles on their faces.

The people living in eastern Ukraine are not just a bunch of separatists or “terrorists”, as the Kiev likes to call them, but a whole population linked to Russia in every aspect of their life by blood. The Russia-Ukraine border was quiet and peaceful because the people living on either sides of the border were the same. The situation changed when Kiev suddenly built a border separating those peoples and told the people living on either side that they are wholly different from each other.

The Cold War didn’t end in the victory of NATO against the Soviets but it ended with the victory of Freedom against Dictatorship. However NATO considered it their victory and went on to enact the same victory on a global scale. The beginning of the whole bloodshed and chaos happening in the world today started there. The post-Soviet Russia is not the same as it was before, but for NATO it is the same. Russia had never played a subservient role in its history and it always had a voice and identity of its own. Russia is a nation with a culture, tradition and history of its own, like England, France and Germany; but unlike the US which was formed by immigrants, a couple of centuries ago. The feeling of being a Russian by a Russian is much different from the same feeling of an American.

Russians are a set of proud people who always appreciated and respected strong rulers. But for the NATO and especially for America, it represented “authoritarianism” which must not be tolerated and fought to be defeated. One of the major faults with America is that it does not have a nationalism based on a common history and it handicaps the Americans to have leaders who understand the feeling of people living in countries with centuries old history. For America, the conflict in eastern Ukraine is a simple one; a war between Freedom represented by America and Dictatorship represented by Russia. Freedom must win and so America must win.

However hard the NATO would push Russia, with or without sanctions, NATO will lose in eastern Ukraine. Kiev does not want to lose its land and revenue in the east and will wage a war to retain them with the support of the NATO and the Western financial institutions. Russia does not want to lose its people in eastern Ukraine and will fight for them. And, people live on land. The game in eastern Ukraine will end in the victory of Russia because Russia has the people in eastern Ukraine with it


By Sibi Vettom – India

WTTV Contributor


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