“Fifty-one career diplomats from across the State Department have signed an internal cable calling for a new U.S. policy on Syria, including more direct action against Syrian dictator Bashar Assad”
”One of the officials responsible for the cable told CBS News it was written in response to five years of what the signatories consider to be a failed policy. They say Assad has not faced consequences for his actions, including bombing his own people and U.S.-backed rebel groups.”

It seems that the US Administration has once again come under heavy pressure from trigger happy ne0-conservative career diplomats. These are the most dangerous elements among the US diplomatic corps and the ideological descendants of the types of Brzezinski and Rumsfeld. This joint call for aggressive actions in Syria is to revive the goal of regime change by challenging the Russian mission there. These evil men and women are deeply worried about the late Syrian success against the terrorists, backed by Russia. The timing of this joint call is also significant; it couples with the additional deployment of NATO armour and personnel along the Russian borders. There is every reason to doubt that this NATO deployment is to divert the Russian attention from Syria to its immediate boarders, thereby facilitating the US pilots to bomb President Assad and the Syrian Administrative Structure.

There are secret script writers within the State Department of the US who act in tandem with the hawks in Pentagon to convert the “undesirable” areas of the world into burning infernos unfit for humans to thrive in peace and progress. After the fire is ignited through the process of sudden removal of Administrative centres by military interventions, the US let these areas to cool down on their own. By the time these nations normalize, the area would be cleansed of all the “unwanted” elements. This is the secret agenda of the hard core neo-cons and they are experimenting it in the Middle-East.

The sole obstacle to the designs of these evil men and women is Russia. The call to take direct military action against Syria and its legitimate Government is to scare away Russia from backing President Assad.

By Sibi Vettom – India

WTTV Contributor


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