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Floridians are also keeping a close eye on the agriculture commissioner's race between Democrat Nikki Fried and Republican Matt Caldwell, which has remained too close to be called since Tuesday night. DeSantis was ahead of Gillum by less than 39,000 votes, or 0.47 percentage points. "Since 3 am Wednesday slow drip from these 2 Dem controlled counties cut Scott lead from 54 to 17K".

Now, with DeSantis' election, that conservative Republican influence will extend to the Florida Supreme Court, which has a 4-3 liberal majority that has blocked many initiatives advanced by the Republican-led Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott.

The governor's race isn't the only one potentially headed into overtime.

Scott's campaign responded by accusing Nelson of trying to "steal" the election.

During a news conference Thursday night, Scott noted that only 15,000 votes separate him from his opponent.

DeSantis said one area where he might unite Floridians will be behind an effort to address the problems of toxic algae and red tide and on moving forward with plans to restore the Florida Everglades.

Election history shows, though, that margins are going to have to become nearly wafer-thin for a trailing candidate to have any hope of overtaking a leader in the recount process.

Scott has filed lawsuits against the Supervisor of Elections in both Broward and Palm Beach counties over the way they are handling the ballot-counting process. The tweet included a link to an article about an unknown number of outstanding votes in Democratic-stronghold Broward County.

Republican Ron DeSantis defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum to become Florida's next governor on November 6.

Like Senator Bill Nelson, Andrew Gillum has lawyered up, hiring Barry Richard, who represented President George W. Bush in the 2000 recount.

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He cited past missteps by Snipes, all of them widely reported, but offered no evidence of election fraud, and ordered the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate Snipes. But the agency did not announce an investigation.

"It has been over 48 hours since the polls closed, and Broward and Palm Beach counties are still finding and counting ballots", Scott said. A hearing on that case was set for Friday afternoon.

Scott's campaign has said Nelson should concede the race rather than push for a recount. "Florida voted for Rick Scott!".

"The goal here is to see that all the votes in Florida are counted and counted accurately".

"You actually can not predict which way the shift is going to be", said David O'Brien, an attorney with FairVote. The latest vote totals showed that roughly 25,000 Broward County voters who cast a ballot for governor skipped the U.S. Senate race.

The Associated Press has called the governor's race for DeSantis. DeSantis' margin of victory there slipped to 42,948.

There were two recounts in local races afterwards. Over votes are ballots in which scanners detected that voters marked more than one choice for Senate.

Gillum's campaign said it's monitoring the situation with an elections lawyer and readying for a possible state-mandated recount.

The perpetually mismanaged elections office in Broward County, led by embattled Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, is in the hot seat once again: Snipes, who was found to have violated federal law in 2016 by deleting ballots that were the subject of a lawsuit, now says she has no clue how many ballots might be left to count in Broward County.

They could, however, be decisive in the agriculture-commissioner race, in which Democrat Nikki Fried held a slim lead of almost 3,000 votes over Republican Matt Caldwell. He said the dropoff was likely a result of a machine malfunction or ballots with markings that tabulation machines rejected, and he predicted Nelson would be the victor after a recount.