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The CNN reporter had his press pass revoked by the White House Wednesday after he asked multiple questions during a press conference and refused to give the microphone back to a female aide who was trying to retrieve it from him.

A visibly angry Trump called reporter Jim Acosta a "rude, awful person", after the CNN White House correspondent refused the president's orders to sit down and yield the microphone during the conference one day after the U.S. midterm election. Kimmel went on to say that it's completely ridiculous for the White House Press Secretary to "intentionally disseminated doctored video footage to discredit a reputable journalist", and as such, "she should be fired".

Trump also cast doubt on the stated rationale for stripping Acosta's credential.

Elisabeth Bumiller, the Washington bureau chief for the New York Times, said, "The president should not pick and choose who covers him, and he should certainly not force out a representative of one of the country's leading news organizations, one that tens of millions of Americans depend on for their news". White House staffers decide whether journalists are eligible, though the Secret Service determines whether their applications are approved.

Abba Shapiro did a side-by-side and frame-by-frame analysis of AP's video from President Donald Trump's contentious news conference Wednesday and the version spread on Twitter by Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "We strongly urge the White House to reinstate Acosta's credentials immediately".

Abba Shapiro, an independent video producer hired by The Associated Press to compare the footage tweeted by Shapiro with the AP's coverage of the news conference, said the adjustment made was "too precise to be an accident".

"Plenty to criticise Acosta about", Ross wrote, "but he did not "place his hands" on the intern".

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"CNN is the lowest rated cable news network even though it has embraced a "hate-Trump" posture".

Earlier this week Trump snapped at another African American woman, Yamiche Alcindor of PBS, and accused her of asking a "racist question". "I want to challenge you", Acosta began in the packed room of reporters. [President Trump's] personal insults are nothing new.

"The question is: Did the reporter make contact or not?"

Trump responded: "What a stupid question that is".

"She provided fraudulent accusations and cited an incident that never happened", the network said. "Look, I don't think he's a smart person, but he's got a loud voice".

At Friday's Q&A session, Trump also had sharp words for CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip. She promised to revoke Acosta's White House pass until further notice and slammed Acosta's employer.