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The race, in brief: This Texas race has been the subject of intense national attention, with O'Rourke garnering endorsements and promotion from celebrities and national Democratic figures, and was seen early as an intense battle over the Resistance vs. the Trumpists.

Holding the Senate with an increased margin, even with a favourable election map for the party, will convince even more Republicans that the Trump path is the most productive one.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog hit the campaign trail in Texas, where the puppet traded barbs with both Republican Sen. "Is that in the GOP health-care plan?"

Pamela Aguirre, a 77-year-old Texas resident who voted in El Paso on Tuesday, got to experience this thrill first-hand, according to MSNBC.

Cruz scoffs at the notion that O'Rourke could beat him.

'Let's be civil here, OK, because this man - nobody should be yelling at this man in a public place, ' Triumph said. Though more recent ones indicate that the senator has regained his footing and maintained a modest lead, the race has gone from cakewalk to far closer than expected.

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"Except for when Donald Trump calls it ugly on Twitter", Triumph joked right to his face, evoking the time from the 2016 primaries when Trump insulted Cruz's wife on Twitter.

Mr Cruz's actions, especially the government shutdown, alienated many of his Republican colleagues in the Senate.

Triumph finally confronted Cruz after one of his rallies. "Please know this: we will ensure border security". "They're filled with rage and hatred for the president".

However, that race meant Mr Cruz has a legacy of national infrastructure should he campaign for the White House again.

O'Rourke had reminded voters of Cruz's original Trump moniker - "Lyin' Ted" - when the candidates last faced off against each other in late October. O'Rourke has made headlines for record fundraising and causing a surge of Democratic voter enthusiasm nationwide.