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Chinese startup Royole is beating Samsung and everybody to the punch to produce a foldable smartphone. It kicks off November 7 as a two-day get-together, and, while we might not see an actual device, we're definitely looking forward to hearing and seeing Samsung's vision and where it sees the future of foldable smartphones going.

You see, for years now, we've been hearing rumors and writing up reports that Samsung is working on a device with a foldable display.

Here's everything you need to know about Samsung's upcoming foldable smartphone. Samsung Mobile updated their Facebook profile picture to feature a folding rendition of the Samsung logo. And even if Samsung doesn't have even a prototype to show, it will probably drop hints about that upcoming phone through that foldable display UX discussion. The world has been on the edge of its seat waiting for Samsung or Huawei to unveal the world's first foldable smartphone-tablet, but Royole has beaten to them to it by unveiling its own FlexPai.

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According to this report, Samsung Display will start mass production of components this month, but Samsung isn't looking to sell millions of this device because the price is said to be very high. The larger, main display on the inside turns inactive when folded and shows up on the smaller display on the outside. Both the companies want to build a flexible phone which should be useful rather than just the design gimmick.

The device does not fold flat and is quite hard to hold, according to Bell. The phone is rumoured to sport a 7.3-inches primary display and a 4.6-inches secondary display.

"Manufacturers who produce them now are demonstrating technology leadership, and will also be the first with serious applications for foldable screens". Apparently, Samsung has told a few Korean media outlets that it will unveil the phone's UX at the event. According to a recent Bloomberg report, design of the foldable phone, codenamed victor, hasn't been yet finalised.