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Democrat Andrew Gillum is leading DeSantis while Scott is tied with Democratic Sen.

Evidence of this love and respect towards Obama gave was clearly visible during his address in support of senator Bill Nelson and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

During the former president's speech, a protester shouted that Obama should "denounce ANTIFA" - the protesters who square off against neo-Nazis.

Though Nelson is the incumbent, he does not have an overwhelming lead over the soon-to-be-former governor.

That protester and two others were escorted out of the venue. Gillum, who has clashed with Scott in the past, thanked the governor for his "care and consideration" by visiting the victims.

Both Gillum and Scott planned to return to campaigning on Saturday with stops in central Florida. The election of Abrams, a former Georgia House minority leader, would make her the first female African-American governor in the country.

Former Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis, who was boosted in his bid for the nomination by the President's endorsement, is hoping for another lift with his campaign running consistently off Gillum's pace. Police have not yet identified a motive behind the shooting.

"He's for Trump", Marc Grizzard, 51-year-old church pastor from Live Oak, said when asked the most important reason he is supporting DeSantis. Knight embraced Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, often appearing with the future president at rallies.

"You have a president that's going to be here today and you have an entertainer that's in office right now", said Rashawn Watson, a Democrat from Miami Gardens.

Salvadorean migrants heading in a caravan to the U.S., walk alongside the route, between Ciudad Hidalgo and Tapachula in Mexico on Friday. He's also threatening constitutionally enshrined birthright citizenship.

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DeSantis spent part of his Sunday a few exits north on I-95 in Boca Raton, campaigning alongside special guest former New York Mayor (and Trump lawyer) Rudy Giuliani.

Obama campaigned in Florida and Georgia for Democratic candidates in two of the key races in Tuesday's midterm elections.

Kemp issued a statement calling the tactic "vile" and "contrary to the highest ideals of our state and country", adding a condemnation of "any person or organization that peddles this type of unbridled hate and unapologetic bigotry".

Back in Montana on Saturday afternoon, he slammed Democratic Sen.

"I keep hearing about this blue wave", Pence said.

That's a sharp change in a state where elections notoriously come down to the wire. "But I will tell you this: he is hardworking, he is dependable and he tells the truth".

The vast majority of the 8,000-odd people at Wednesday's rally in the southwestern tourist town of Fort Myers - where attendees shouted things like "CNN sucks" and "build the wall" - were white.

Hundreds of northwest Wisconsin Republicans huddled together in 40-degree temperatures waiting to enter the shipping warehouse in Hudson, Wisconsin, where Pence rallied supporters for Walker.

With just three days to go before the midterm elections, it's a tale of dueling presidents on the campaign trail.

But the main thrust of his argument was more expansive, touching on the political left's existential concerns over what they see as hypocrisy in Trump and disdain for democratic norms. "And we know we are going to get a good turnout on Election Day".