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A lot is going on at Samsung and amidst all these a new report related to Galaxy S10 has come up.

Having seen internal documents that confirm several LG prototypes are finally coming to life, Engadget reports that the company will be revealing a rollable OLED TV at CES 2019 ― as well as its own folding smartphone.

Samsung coined "Infinity Display" previous year when it launched the Galaxy S8. While this render is still based on rumours, it gives us an idea as to how the Galaxy S10 could look like if the rumours turn out to be true. Which top features would you like to see on the Galaxy S10?

Sources further suggest that with the rollout of 5G networks nearly upon us, such massive amounts of RAM will be used to power Samsung's 5G phones. Also, it will bring 5G connectivity, in-display reader and many more. This may mean that you'll only be able to make use of the full 48MP or 32MP with good lighting conditions. According to ETNews, Samsung will exclude iris recognition sensors from the Galaxy S10's design.

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This latest revelation provides a very strong indication that Samsung's flagship device will be the first major smartphone to come without any kind of bezel around its screen, with its face buttons hidden underneath. In addition, the new device uses Tetracell technology for controlling the new sensors, so the light intensity becomes flawless in every condition. Currently, the most expensive mid-range Galaxy smartphone on sale in India is the Galaxy A8 Star, which was launched in the country in August this year at INR 34,990.

Unlike compatriot, LG has recently stated that given up on this race to be a pioneer in the market of flexible devices and would prefer to skip ahead of Samsung and Huawei, to those stuffed "bumps" with the introduction of an innovative product. Galaxy S fans for whom the lack of a headphone jack is a deal-breaker should probably be concerned. But, it might be possible that the company may launch a foldable handset at the Consumers Electronic Show (CES) 2019.

Of course, we will still have to wait for some kind of confirmation from Samsung, as for now all we have are just the rumors.