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"They got a lot of rough people in those caravans - they are not angels".

By law, immigrants can seek asylum either at ports of entry or once in the United States - even if they crossed illegally.

The Trump administration is being sued for turning away asylum seekers from ports of entry. And it also was questionable whether Trump has the legal authority.

But as migrants struggle with exhaustion, blisters, sickness, and swollen feet far from the closest USA border, tempers flared within their ranks.

The U.S. president has spent the final days of the campaign hammering the issue as he tries to energize Republican voters, and his favorite target has been the migrant caravan of nearly 4,000 people that is still more than 800 miles away from the nearest U.S. border.

The legally binding agreement requires facilities housing detained minors to be run by licensed programmes and provide toilets, drinking water, contact with family, and adequate temperature control and ventilation, among other conditions. When you add the active duty troops and National Guard units heading here to provide support, there will soon be more assets guarding our southern frontier than now serving in Afghanistan or Iraq. But U.S. troops can not enter Mexico and, as the lawsuit points out, once an asylum seeker reaches the border and requests asylum, the law requires that they must be given a "credible fear" interview to determine whether their claim is legitimate. Claims have spiked in recent years, and there is now a backlog of more than 800,000 cases pending in immigration court.

"This complaint is poorly written and looks more like a press release than a lawsuit, using politically charged terms and hyperbole instead of carefully reasoned legal claims", says Breitbart News Senior Legal Editor Ken Klukowski.

Previous caravans traveling from Central America have dwindled from thousands to hundreds of people by the time they reach the border.

Trump said this week that he wants to send as many as 15,000 troops to the border to prepare for the caravans.

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Trump has nonetheless mounted an enormous show of force in response.

Other presidents have deployed forces to the border.

First, Trump said he had already ordered immigration officials to indefinitely detain all immigrants arrested crossing the border, as opposed to releasing immigrants while their court cases are pending.

Organizers of the caravan of about 4,000 migrants told its members that they would be leaving the town of Sayula around 5 a.m. Saturday in convoys of 10 buses for the 10- to 12-hour trip.

A day after Mr. Trumptold The Washington Times that he would allow the military to use force "in a heartbeat", the president told reporters that he hopes any confrontations won't reach that point.

"The real issue is whether the military is being used for partisan political purposes", explained Dubik.

Just 24 hours later, Trump caught the Pentagon by surprise. And this week he is asserting he could act by executive order to unilaterally end birthright citizenship for the children of non-U.S. citizens.

According to military planning documents, about 20 percent of the roughly 7,000 migrants traveling through Mexico are likely to complete the journey.

Retired Lt. Gen. Jim Dubik, who oversaw the effort to build the Iraqi army and police, said that Trump's description of the migrant caravan as an "invasion" was wrong. The 53-second spot includes expletives uttered by Bracamontes during his trial as he professed regret at not killing more officials. The ad features courtroom footage of the trial of an immigrant convicted of murder with the words "Democrats let him in... who else would Democrats let in?"