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"President Trump's blatantly racist ad - showing an illegal immigrant boasting about killing police officers - is a fitting final pitch for a party and a campaign that are now almost entirely focused on whipping up xenophobia".

A pair of Bush ads, one of which was the brainchild of Fox News founder Roger Ailes, depicted Dukakis - then the governor of MA - presiding over a "revolving door" prison system and giving out "weekend passes" to convicted murderers. See Ad Age's coverage at the time: "Watch: Disturbing Trump Ad Calls Dems "Complicit" in Murders Committed by Illegal Immigrants."

President Trump will attend 10 more events across eight battlefield states to boost support for GOP candidates over the next six days.

Even by 1980's standards the ad was considered offensive, but Ailes not only showed no remorse, according toRolling Stone, he once told a reporter, "The only question is whether we depict Willie Horton with a knife in his hand - or without it". In an interview with CNN, Perez described the ad as "fearmongering".

A video showing the menacing smile of an immigrant who murdered two U.S. police officers has abruptly taken a central role in President Donald Trump's closing midterm election argument about immigration - a move critics immediately denounced as a racist campaign tactic. Dukakis went on to lose to Republican George H.W. Bush. "There is no stronger metaphor for racial hatred in our country than the black man raping the white woman", Susan Estrich, Dukakis' campaign manager, said at the time.

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The whole advert centered around William Horton, an African American man who in 1987, raped a white woman and stabbed her white fiancé, after he was released on a weekend furlough from the MA prison where he was serving his life sentence. As Massachusetts governor, Dukakis supported the furlough program.

The tweet stirred up controversy, and some replies to the tweet criticized Trump for focusing on Bracamontes and not US citizens who committed mass shootings. The campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"This may be the most desperate and vile ad since Willie Horton", Reich said on Twitter.

But the Trump campaign was behind the January 2018 video, released on its YouTube page, that featured Bracamontes's courtroom appearance.