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The outcome will determine whether the Republican Party maintains control of Congress.

Democrats are leading in Orange and Osceola counties.

President Donald Trump makes a hard turn Wednesday from offering empathy to grief-stricken Pittsburgh to the fear and fury of a midterm election closing argument created to drive up Republican turnout despite the risk of deepening national divides.

The Republican party now has majority in both the Senate and the House and Trump and his team is leaving no stone unturned to campaign in favour of his Republican party.

The rallies by the parties' figureheads come as out-of-state megadonors pump millions into the governor's race and Democrats beat the bushes to help Nelson keep up with the independently wealthy and self-funding Scott. Both the developments have given the opposition Democrats an edge over the Republican.

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On Saturday 11 people were shot dead in a mass shooting inside a Pittsburg synagogue.

Meanwhile, President Trump will host two campaign rallies in Florida this week in a full-time bid to galvanize Republican voters around the country.

While in the House, Trump's goal is to retain the majority even though with a reduced margin, in the Senate aims at increasing the tally as close as possible to 60, which is the figure required to prevent filibuster. But it makes no mention of Trump - a sign of Republicans' challenge as they try to hang onto suburban House districts critical to their majority.

Mr. Trump is expected to do at least 10 rallies in the final stretch before Election Day, doubling up on rallies on many days.

The memo stresses the challenging political climate for Republican incumbents, emphasizing the historical headwinds for the president's party in midterm congressional elections, the large number of Republican incumbents retiring and Democratic challengers' fundraising advantages.