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"I think what President Trump would like would be more of an opportunity to discuss the issues at length and we'll have to see when it gets on the schedule".

Speaking during a visit to the ex-Soviet nation of Georgia, he added that no date has been set.

Mr Putin said any European countries agreeing to host U.S. missiles would be at risk of a Russian attack. It was not immediately clear if Putin had accepted the invitation.

US President Donald Trump's national security advisor, John Bolton, on Friday said the White House has formally invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington in early 2019.

The topic of Putin visiting the USA is a highly-charged one, because American intelligence agencies claim Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election to help Trump win.

The idea of a second Trump-Putin summit was floated back in July.

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"We may - it's being discussed right now", the president told reporters at the White House.

The proposed summit in Washington was then called off considering the protests against Trump for cozying up to Kremlin.

Last week, Putin said a nuclear strike against Russian Federation would unleash a "global catastrophe" because "retaliation is inevitable" on the part of his country. He also said that the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty that the U.S.is planning to quit was "a relic of the Cold War".

Here we are, just under two weeks from the elections and we now know that the two leaders will meet on November 11 in Paris, France, during a celebration for the 100th anniversary of the armistice in Paris.

He said that is why the U.S. quickly responded to Russian aggression in Georgia shortly after the Russia-Georgia 2008 war. Russia, on the other hand, has contended it's in compliance with the accord.