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Live chickens were placed in many locations throughout Kenner by Mosquito Control in order to carry out regular tests for the West Nile Virus.

8, North Dakota reported 18 human cases, up 14 cases since July 30. To date, Niagara has no human cases of WNV.

"Mosquitoes are weak flyers and won't travel far from where they are born".

Most people infected with West Nile Virus do not have any signs or symptoms. "Potential routes of introduction include importation of infected birds, mosquitoes or [via] human beings". Residents can also avoid leaving standing water around their home. Remove trash and clutter, including discarded waste tires, buckets, tarps and any other items that could collect water.

Drain or dump standing water weekly. Make sure swimming pools and fountains are operational and circulating.

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- Limit outdoor activities between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most likely to bite. The Ada County Mosquito Abatement District says truck-mounted mosquito abatement treatments have begun in both areas while officials continue to monitor and treat mosquito populations across the district boundaries. In Ohio, West Nile virus was first identified in birds and mosquitoes in 2001.

Most people are infected in OH by the northern house mosquito, Culex pipiens. Even though 80% of the West Nile infected people do not report of any symptoms, the ones who experience flu-like symptoms must look for medical attention as soon as possible.

About one in 150 people infected with West Nile virus will develop severe illness.

Symptoms can include: fever, headache, body aches, nausea, vomiting, swollen lymph glands and a rash on the chest, stomach or back. The severe symptoms may last several weeks, and neurologic effects may be permanent. Most people recover, but a few infections lead to serious illness and death.

West Nile virus infection can only be diagnosed by a health care provider.