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President Donald Trump appears to have changed his story about a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that is pivotal to the special counsel's investigation, tweeting that his son met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer to collect information about his political opponent.

As he has in the past, Mr Trump insisted in a tweet that he did not know at the time about the meeting between his son Donald Jr and Natalia Veselnitskaya, a lawyer with links to the Kremlin. This is not a routine thing politicians do to get information on their opponents. "I did not know about it!" the president tweeted Sunday morning.

Trump Jr. has shifted his explanations for his Russian meeting.

It is not the first time the president acknowledged the existence of the meeting using this line of defense, but it is the president's most blunt admission that the objective was to obtain damaging information against his then opponent, Hillary Clinton, in the presidential election.

"I had bad information at the time and made a mistake in my statement", Sekulow said Sunday, noting that he had only been working for Trump a short time when he made the misstatement a year ago.

Mr Trump also tweeted about the fires in California, which have destroyed dozens of homes and killed at least seven people.

The Post reported a few weeks later that Trump Jr.'s initial misleading statement had been "dictated" by Trump.

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Trump, his son, his lawyers and other administration officials have repeatedly said Trump did not know about the now infamous meeting, until news of it broke in July 2017.

"It's illegal to ask for a contribution from a foreign government or a foreign entity or a foreign person, whether they're donating dollars to the campaign or donating something of value, which could include opposition research".

Mueller is in the midst of a 15-month investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election, Trump campaign ties to Russia and whether Trump, as president, obstructed justice by trying to thwart the investigation.

Abrams hinted that Trump's evolving story may be grounds for impeachment, citing a precedent set by Ken Starr during the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton in the 1990's. "If this goes all the way up to this Supreme Court. this Supreme Court seems to make its decisions based on what Donald Trump and the Republican Party want, as opposed to precedents or the Constitution".

Lawyers described the statement as "short but accurate", according to The Post. "And so the ability for his attorneys to be able to make the arguments they need to make on his behalf, as I've told him for a long time, is what he should permit them to do". They can also cause War!' And at a trio of rallies, he escalated his already vitriolic rhetoric toward the media, savaging the press for unflattering coverage and, he feels, bias.

He called the "Fake" media "very unsafe and sick".