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Barr believes that what made the original Roseanne so successful was the fact that it was so relatable.

Roseanne Barr sat for her first TV interview since she was sacked and had her ABC sitcom "Roseanne" canceled over a racist tweet.

The 65-year-old comedian was sacked by ABC in May after she likened Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, to an ape, but during a tearful interview with Sean Hannity on his Fox News show, Roseanne has once again insisted her tweet wasn't intentionally racist. And for that I apologize. "But I was allowed under my contract to have 24 hours to correct any mistake".

Watch Roseanne on "Hannity" above.

"The first thing was shock that they were saying it was racial, when it's political", she said.

"I was so sad that people thought it was racist", she added. "It cost me my life's work". "That's what was in my head", said Barr. "I apologize. I never meant to hurt anybody". She also felt people were ignoring her previous work.

She's apologised since on numerous occasions, but in her first TV interview since the incident, she reiterated her remorse before dropping a casual insult at Jarrett's haircut.

During her conversation with Sean Hannity, the comedienne reasserted her view that her tweet was about politics, not race.

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Barr reiterated that the tweet was meant to be political, not racial, but stopped short of repeating her recent claim that she was sacked because she's a Trump supporter.

She also repeated her claim that she was under the influence of alcohol and sedatives at the time she posted the tweet.

Reflecting on the backlash to her tweet online and ABC cancelling her revived sitcom, Barr said she was hurt by the reaction both as an "artist" and as a "citizen".

Boteach repeatedly returned to the way that "Martin Luther King Jr., the greatest American of the twentieth century" had forgiven people who had been racist toward him.

"She's got to get a new haircut, I mean seriously", Barr joked of Jarrett. He said, "This is an opportunity in many ways for her".

In response to Hannity's questions about her troubled past, Barr also spoke about her history of mental-health issues, and how the part of the brain that makes her a "creative genius" is close to that which causes madness.

She reluctantly addressed Jarret while looking into the camera, saying: "I'm so sorry that you thought I was racist and that you thought my tweet was racist, because it wasn't".

ABC has announced it would produce a Roseanne spinoff called The Conners that features John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert.