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"Who is America?" is both the title of Sacha Baron Cohen's first foray into television satire in more than a decade and the existential question on the lips of liberals living through the Trump presidency. Before you start checking out those Showtime subscriptions a full segment from the show is now up online, and it features Cohen's new character, Col. Erran Morad, an Israeli anti-terrorism expert who has an idea how to make America safer.

Cohen, in character, then persuades his guest to help him film an instructional video, titled, "Kinder Guardians: How to Protect Your Preschool".

"I don't need Sacha Cohen to tell me who America is, but I can tell him that America is a proud Nation which sprang from humble beginnings and a strong belief in God, virtue, and morality", Moore said.

Republican congressmen Dana Rohrabacher of California and Joe Wilson of SC, along with former Senate Republican leader Trent Lott, who is now a lobbyist at a Washington law firm, are shown enthusiastically backing the idea, alongside gun rights advocates and a former congressman-turned-talk radio host, Joe Walsh. He even gets a slew of republican congressmen and senators to voice their support for the prankster's fake program "Kinderguardians", a fictional three-week programthat boasts giving toddlers training with arms. "In less than a month", he says, "a first-grader can become a first-grenader". They don't care if it's politically correct to shoot a mentally deranged gunman.

Pratt, who served in the Virginia House of Delegates in the early 1980s, said that "the science behind this program is proven".

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Blink-182 is a rock band, Rita Ora is a pop singer, and Cardi B and Wiz Khalifa are both rappers. While reading his endorsement into the camera, he adds that children can process images quicker than adults, "meaning that, essentially like owls, they can see in slow motion".

In a seven-episode series launching on cable channel Showtime on Sunday, the British prankster takes on four different personas as he satirizes the political and cultural life of the United States in the era of President Donald Trump.

CORRECTIONS: A previous version of this post misidentified the title of Baron Cohen's new Showtime series and the name of Rep. Joe Wilson, the Republican congressman from SC.

'For my interview, my daughter and I were asked to travel across the country where Cohen (I presume) had heavily disguised himself as a disabled US Veteran, fake wheelchair and all, ' explained Palin.