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The British voters largely opposed to plans by Prime Minister Theresa May for leaving the European Union, as more than 30% of voters supporting a new right-wing party to take the country during the Brexit process.

Mr Raab appeared alongside the Prime Minister' Europe adviser Olly Robbins in front of MPs amid increasing Brexiteer concerns about the influence of the senior civil servant.

Maas declined to comment on the threat from Britain's lead negotiator on Brexit that London might not pay its 39 billion pound ($51 billion) divorce bill if no trade agreement with the European Union is reached.

"I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all of the awful things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in", he said.

Some worldwide businesses have stepped up planning for a so-called "no deal" though they admit there is little clarity about what such a scenario would look like.

"Actually the fact Michel Barnier is not blowing it out the water but asking questions is a good positive sign - that's what we negotiate on", Mr Raab said.

The MEP said May had boxed herself into a corner with her Chequers agreement, dismissing the United Kingdom government white paper as "a starting point but not an end deal".

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"And we also know that for that we have to make steps toward each other", he said, adding that the EU's collective interests had to be defended.

"DExEU will continue to lead on all of the Government's preparations for Brexit: domestic preparations in both a deal and a no-deal scenario, all of the necessary legislation, and preparations for the negotiations to implement the detail of the Future Framework". Sir Amyas Morse, the auditor general, told lawmakers in April that the divorce payments will become legally binding as soon as the United Kingdom signs a Withdrawal Agreement.

'Far from being anxious about preparations that we're making, I would say that people should take reassurance and comfort from the fact that the government is saying we're in a negotiation, we're working for a good deal, I believe we can get a good one. "We want a deal".

"And of course if one party fails to honour its side of that overall bargain, there will be consequences for the deal as a whole - and that includes the financial settlement". This would allow for the new Bill to pass through Parliament in late 2018 and early 2019.

Germany's foreign ministry is proposing that Britons who apply for German citizenship before the end of the Brexit transition period should be able to keep both passports.

But, if this morning's Times is to believed, Raab's already making a better impression with business chiefs than his predecessor, who once drew flak after being pictured at a crucial Brexit summit without any notes.