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Meghan Markle's estranged half-sister, Samantha Markle, admits to using the Duchess of Sussex's newfound notoriety to make a quick buck.

Most of all, Samantha said she is anxious about their father, Thomas Markle, and wants Meghan and Thomas to fix their relationship.

"First of all, people don't know about me, I've worked in media most of my life and in broadcasting", Samantha insisted.

But after becoming a member of the royal family, there's some fashion items she now completely avoids.

"She's real angry. She says a lot of insane stuff in the press", she said. "If you want to call it cashing in, I think that's a little bit ridiculous".

The news follows Markle's recent visit to Croke Park in Ireland where she made headlines for the classic black Givenchy suit she wore. The relationship between Meghan and her father has been on the rocks for some time, but Harry appears to to think the dire situation is still fixable! Why would I stop living because I have a family issue going on?

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Kate also gave birth to her three children in the same wing and it's expected Meghan will do the same, starting a new royal tradition.

To get Meghan's look, Jodie remarks: "Meghan's colour is an off white with an undertone of pink, we would recommend OPI shades "Don't Bossa Nova Me Around" or "Is Mimosa For Mr & Mrs" to recreate this look".

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle's half sister Samantha Markle over the past few days has been drawing a lot of social media attention.

Suggesting the Duchess would be at fault for their 74-year-old father's death, Markle took to Twitter to launch her accusation on her private account last week. Who doesn't want to make that happen?

Mr Markle claims to be "devastated" after being "frozen out" by the royal family. "And maybe Samantha would calm down", she explained. "She's real angry. She says a lot of insane stuff in the press".

To many, a tuxedo on a female may be an unconventional outfit choice anyway, but given Meghan's love of suits and the fact she's sported a tux before, they clearly felt it necessary to highlight their preferences to Meg.