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CVS would not clarify whether the pharmacist was sacked, telling HuffPost that it does not comment on employment decisions.

When Hilde Hall walked into her local CVS to fill her first prescription for hormone therapy, the pharmacist refused her service.

"My family supports me, fortunately, and helped me work through the anger and humiliation this experience caused", she wrote.

She said the pharmacist then proceeded to ask her questions in front of other customers, which she said left her "embarrassed and distressed".

Instead of receiving the medication prescribed by her doctor, Hall left the pharmacy empty handed and holding back tears because the pharmacist refused to fill the prescription.

Hall says when she arrived at the store, the pharmacist refused to fill her prescription.

"I was finally going to start seeing my body reflect my gender identity and the woman I've always known myself to be", said Hall, who declined through an ACLU spokesperson to be interviewed for this article.

The company released a statement one day after after Hilde Hall wrote a blog about her experience on the American Civil Liberties Union website on Thursday. The company said the employee had been fired, but did not disclose if it happened immediately or after media reports on the incident. "His actions did not reflect the company's values or commitment to "inclusion, nondiscrimination and the delivery of outstanding patient care", CVS said in its statement".

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We also apologize for not appropriately following up on Ms. Hall's original complaint to CVS, which was due to an unintentional oversight.

Hall, who says she will never return to that CVS as she never wants to see 'the pharmacist who discriminated against me, ' says she complained to both CVS and the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy.

Joshua Block, senior staff attorney for the ACLU LGBT & HIV Project, said given the current political climate, it's critical that CVS ensures its customers are not harassed in its pharmacies.

Hall ended up getting her prescription at another pharmacy. After years of working to affirm my identity in a world where transgender people are questioned constantly about how well they know themselves, the pharmacist refused to fill one of the prescriptions needed to affirm my identity.

I went straight from my doctor to the CVS in my town, Fountain Hills, Arizona, which is a suburb of Phoenix.

The incident was reported shortly after another Arizona woman said a Walgreens pharmacist refused to fill a prescription for a miscarriage drug, citing his "moral objection". 'I felt like the pharmacist was trying to out me as transgender in front of strangers'. The pharmacist said it was against his personal beliefs.

Walgreens policy requires pharmacists who morally object to filling a prescription to refer it to another pharmacist or manager "in a timely manner", which Arteaga's pharmacist did not do.

Through training and written policies, the company needs to make it clear to their employees - especially their pharmacists - that transgender customers deserve respect. So, she was unable to take it to another pharmacy.