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"I don't think he's positive he still wants to be Spider-Man, and then he meets a young guy who's got a new spin on Spider-Man and might need his help - but he's not a teacher". The limited edition Spider-Man bundle will ship with the game on September 7. Rounding out the bundle is the "Marvel's Spider-Man" video game disc. This is all part of the Spider Outfit pack that is a pre-order bonus for the game. Despite releasing a new trailer and showing off extensive gameplay at E3 2018 just last month, Marvel and Insomniac have released a new trailer for Spider-Man PS4 at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. It joins the Spider-Punk suit and Iron Spider suit (inspired by Marvel Studios' The Avengers: Infinity War) to round out the set. Spider-Man Noir (who has an all-black costume) is up near the ceiling and Peni Parker (a young girl) is hanging out with her Spider robot. As stated over on the PlayStation Blog, a central theme of the game is partnership.

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Included in the bundle is a shiny, red 1TB PS4 Pro with a giant Spidey logo, a red and white PS4 Pro DualShock controller, a physical copy of Spider-Man on PS4 and vouchers for DLC. These three are in addition to the existing trio shown in the first trailer: Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore), Peter Parker (voiced by Jake Johnson), and Spider-Gwen aka Gwen Stacy (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld). "This limited edition bundle will be available across the US and Canada for $399.99 USD (MSRP) / $499.99 CAD (MSRP)", says Mary Yee Vice President, PlayStation Marketing, SIEA. Those who own regular HDTVs benefit from built-in supersampling which increases the visual quality. HDR TV users can also experience the game in a high-dynamic range color.