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The 12-member "Wild Boars" soccer team and their coach spent more than two weeks trapped inside a flooded cave in the northern province of Chiang Rai.

Health Minister Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn told the press that all 12 boys - aged 11 to 16 - and their 25-year-old coach would be leaving Chiang Rai hospital on the same day, reports Efe news.

It is not clear whether the museum will be open year round as Thailand is prone to heavy floods during the monsoon season, which lasts from June until October. "Don't worry anymore. I am safe now", 13-year-old Panumas Saengdee said in Thai, per ABC.

Two British divers found the boys on July 2, squatting on a muddy mound in a flooded chamber several kilometers inside the complex, nine days after they went for their quick jaunt.

Two boys who are part of the team but did not enter the cave told ABC News before the rescue operation that "Ake" had taken them into the cave many times in the past as a sort of rite of passage and team-building exercise. "I want to say thanks to everyone that anxious", Biw said.

The last of the boys was freed on July 10 and they are expected to be discharged from hospital on Thursday.

"Hello, I'm Dom, my health is good".

The mission was "an order of difficulty much higher than anything that's been accomplished anywhere around the world by any other cave diving team", said Stanton.

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Arthit Boonyasopat, the department chief, said the four will have to prove that they were born in Thailand and when they receive the certificates they can apply for Thai citizenship.

Each took turns to introduce themselves, hands clasped together in a Thai greeting, before giving a quick message on their health and mentioning the food they want to eat once they leave hospital.

Doctors say they are in good health following a successful three-day operation which ended July 10 when teams of Thai Navy SEALs and global cave diving experts hauled the last five members of the team to safety. Some had pneumonia when they were brought out of the cave but were recovering.

Piyasakol told reporters the health of all 13 had improved. "Thanks for saving me".

The boys were shown in their sterile hospital rooms donning the surgical masks that could be removed Saturday, doctors said.

The video was recorded on Friday and released by Thai health authorities on Saturday. "I use pride to repress my sadness", she said.

A hospital statement said as their recovery continues, the boys should avoid mental stress, spend time with only friends and family and avoid media exposure that could trigger post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.