KXIP vs KKR Live Score

"Huge congratulations to Gareth Southgate and his team".

Multiple social media platforms are overflowing with memes, fan made videos, and tweets from England fans, cheering for their favorite team.

England beat Sweden 2-0 in Samara on Saturday and are through to the first semi since 1990 where they will face either Croatia or Russian Federation.

"Of course that's wonderful, but I think it's time we knock it off the Number 1 spot... with "Three Lions"," he says in a rousing pre-match speech on Twitter. The iconic line in the song "It's Coming Home" is taking over the country. ("It", in this case, meaning the FIFA World Cup trophy - though in what sense that trophy would be returning home isn't precisely clear.) "It's coming home" has emerged as the prevailing watchword and catchphrase of the World Cup '18 among the English.

Comedian Russell Brand shared a video of himself reciting the St Crispin's Day speech from William Shakespeare's Henry V, against the music of Three Lions.

It's safe to say the entire nation was in the mood to celebrate at the weekend, after England's latest World Cup win against Sweden on Saturday (7 July), securing a place in this week's semi-final.

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Such scenes including the sacking of an innocent IKEA store in Stratford, and unleashing wanton destruction upon a London ambulance that was just doing its job. But what songs are fans hollering before, during and after matches?

Although the game was a World Cup quarter-final, there were not many supporters on each side in the stadium, The Sun's Charlie Wyett observed, describing the atmosphere on the ground as "strangely subdued".

Baddiiel, Skinner and The Lightning seeds score top place following England win.

On whether he has taken anything from the World Cup to use in his management career with the Hatters, Jones added: "Of course, it's part and parcel of your coaching career, you always look at different people and how they coach, how they set teams up".

"I don't know what it is, but sometimes I get a feeling for certain things".