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Per a report from Polygon, the company is now testing out a new "Ultra" subscription tier for its users. Newsweek has learned that the company's rollout plans for the new pricing tier are not yet definite, and it's not clear if the new tier-the only one to have High Dynamic Range (HDR)-will extend outside Europe.

The Ultra plan would be priced at €16.99 in Italy (US $19.80).

An Italian blog Tutto Android first spotted the plan. The streaming service is now testing an Ultra pricing tier.

Customers of the streaming service Netflix can choose between three plans right now: basic, standard, and premium.

There's now not a whole lot of information out about the new tier, but we do know that is called "Ultra" and it will allow users to watch the latest binge-worthy show on four screens at one time. If the new Ultra plan is launched, there could be a price hike of around $6, as pointed out by 9To5Mac.

Netflix is yet to announce the new feature officially, so drop your pitchforks for the time being. Sadly, it seems to be confusing subscribers because it has also changed the other tiers in inconsistent ways.

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Netflix's current plans go for €7.99, €10.99, and €13.99 respectively.

"We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time", said Netflix spokeswoman Smita Saran. "In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix".

Whether Netflix will roll out the option to all Italian subscribers or will do so in other markets remains to be seen.

CordCutting.com noticed the inconsistencies in the price and featureset, noting that everything changed based on what browser or device users were using at the time.

HDR is the latest technology to arrive in TVs and creates a wider gamut of colours, allowing for a more vivid image and better contrast.