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"I believe that [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] has become a deportation force ... and that's why I believe you should get rid of it, start over, reimagine it and build something that actually works", Gillibrand said on Thursday.

In addition to Gillibrand, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also came out for abolishing ICE on Friday, telling WNYC's Brian Lehrer that "ICE's time has come and gone". It's no exaggeration to say that in many immigrant communities, the name ICE now inspires nothing short of terror. And even if many Democrats aren't willing to say that ICE should be abolished, it's good that there are some (newly) prominent people out there saying it, so that we can have a discussion about whether ICE has gotten out of control and needs to be reformed. While many chanted to "Abolish ICE", others instead wanted to "Abolish profit". Homan also said the protesters "need to educate themselves" about ICE's activities and that they are seeking "better rules for illegal alien families than we have for USA citizen families".

The letter informed the Trump administration that stepped-up enforcement against families seeking asylum in the USA had detracted from the fight against violent criminal elements.

Vitiello replaces Thomas Homan, who announced in May he would be retiring and leaving his post. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, along with other Senate Democrats, wrote to the department's inspector general asking for an investigation into Schwab's resignation after the former spokesman said he resigned over misleading statements from agency officials in connection with an ICE raid. Berman asked. "It could be ICE, it could be another agency in the future?"

Trump taunted Democrats as part of a broader defense of his immigration policies, which thousands of Americans protested on Saturday in hundreds of rallies across the country.

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"The men and women of ICE are doing what they are told", Sandweg said. "Minors were subsequently turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services who would then place them with a parent or family friend in the USA until the parent who brought them into the country either had his or her charges dropped or served jail time". Immigration enforcement is important, both sides agree on that.

A coalition of activists continue an immigration protest outside Louisville's ICE office.

One Democratic aide in the House, who was not authorized to speak on the record, called proposals to abolish ICE "stupid" and said the strategy would "play right into Trumps hands".

"I think they'll never win another election. That's the problem; it's the Trump policy that's the problem at our border".

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan claims the agency's practices under Republican President Donald Trump's administration have indelibly tarnished its reputation.