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The US Supreme Court ruled today that states may require out-of-state online retailers to collect sales taxes on merchandise they sell in that state. Thirty-one of the 45 states that collect sales taxes have allowing them to expand their tax collection beyond the physical-presence standard vacated in the Supreme Court ruling, according to an analysis from the Tax Foundation. The situation varies, depending on the state, but in Illinois, Amazon and other internet-based sellers collect the sales tax while firms without a presence are not required to do so.

The Supreme Court says states can now tax online sales. B&H doesn't require that buyers pay sales tax if they place orders outside of NY or New Jersey, and while you're supposed to later pay those uncollected funds when tax time comes around, the vast majority of people don't.

Do you agree or disagree with how the Supreme Court ruled in this case?

Still, the group says federal legislation is necessary to spell out details on how sales tax collection will take place, rather than leaving it to each of the states to interpret the court's decision.

"You will certainly see, absent congressional action, significant litigation as states try to push the envelope on this", said Mike Dabbs, eBay's senior director of government relations. Kennedy also noted the existence of software that "may make it easier for small businesses to cope" with compliance.

A sales tax is supposed to be a broad tax on consumption: You buy and use things, you pay tax.

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"I've been seeing a lot of Chicken Little 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling, '" says Sueanne Shirzay, who operates a shop on Etsy and her personal website selling handmade jewelry.

The tax compliance software and services are created to work with the programs retailers use to process their sales transactions. The Government Accountability Office estimated that state and local governments could have collected between $8 billion and $13 billion in sales taxes in 2017 "if states were given authority to require sales tax collection from all remote sellers".

"It's great to have an even playing field for business and not only that, but sales tax is really important to our communities and important to our state". "They have very different needs and challenges than larger online retailers and we are encouraging them to sign a petition that tells policy makers to support microbusinesses like theirs".

The cost can be reduced for retailers who sell to customers in the 24 states that participate in the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement, a plan aimed at simplifying tax collection. For example, if you buy a laptop or printer from Newegg or a loveseat from Overstock you should budget for state sales tax. That's unfair to the local pet supply store or jeweler, and the disparity will come to an end.

"We'd love to sit down with him and talk about this and educate him about the fairness of it", she said on "Talkline".

In a previous statement before the overturning of Quill vs North Dakota, Rauschenberger said North Dakota was "missing out on up to $50 million in revenue each year".