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Apps also can not offer cryptocurrencies as a reward for performing certain tasks such as downloading certain apps, or posting messages on social media. However, apps can provide cloud-based mining services.

In addition, Apple has expanded its prohibition on unnecessarily expending resources, draining the battery or generating heat with a specific callout to cryptocurrency mining.

Apple has also updated section 3.1.5 (b), which is specific to cryptocurrencies.

Another section of Apple's App Store review guidelines allows apps to mine for cryptocurrencies only if the process is performed off the device. For instance, apps facilitating any exchange or transfer of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin were mandated to abide in compliance with all federal and relevant state laws of its offering. The move comes at a time when 'cryptojacking', a malware attack wherein malicious attackers scrumptiously hijack a computer or a phone's computing power to mine cryptocurrencies, is a growing menace.

Apple's change blocks apps from contacting people using contact- or photo-gathered information, "except at the explicit initiative of that user on an individualized basis".

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Apps offering wallets to store virtual currencies can only come from coders who are part of an organization participating in Apple's developer program.

Calendar 2 was then pulled from the App Store and relaunched without the mining element.

If you haven't worked it out yet, this news is very good news and will see some brand-new cryptocurrency-based applications go live on the App Store. However, only official digital wallets providers and exchanges will be able to post their apps, potentially cutting out shady third-party software from facilitating cryptocurrency transactions.

And apps may not offer cryptocurrency as an incentive for taking specific actions, such as downloading other apps, posting to social media or urging others to download apps.