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Bethesda has announced their next title in the Fallout franchise called Fallout 76. Most likely, we would see this on stage during their E3 conference and not in a stand-alone stream.

After nearly a day long tease showing a humourous Twitch stream of a Vault Boy bobble head and various developer cameos, Bethesda has finally revealed the next Fallout game called "Fallout 76".

The trailer teaser for Fallout 76 shows a vault seemingly void of human life. Developer Bethesda has already released Fallout 4 in this console generation.

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So Bethesda recently announced an unexpected teaser for their latest Fallout game, titled "76".

In the background you can hear the song "Take Me Home, Country Roads", by John Denver which was released in 1971. According to previous games in the series, Vault 76 is a control group for the larger Vault-Tec experimentation. "Those people, speaking anonymously so as not to damage their careers, confirmed that Fallout: 76 is an experimental new entry in the longrunning post-apocalyptic series". Do you like the idea of Fallout 76? This implies that Fallout 76 will take place several decades before the rest of the series. That was not expected so soon, at least not from Bethesda Game Studios.

No mention of Nintendo Switch has been made, however, this could change in the future. My guess is that this is an expansion of Fallout 4's settlements system, to the point of not just building towns but entire working cities. It is not known yet what kind of game Fallout 76 is concretely going to be but Kotaku writer Jason Schreier alluded to sources that it will be an online game. Is it in fact a new Fallout proper, similar to Fallout: New Vegas last generation? That said, the listing was for a position at Bethesda Montreal. This confirmation comes after a whole day of teases from Bethesda, with the company's boss Todd Howard saying that more will be revealed at the upcoming major gaming event, Gamespot reports. In recent years, the publisher has revealed a great number of titles, which includes Fallout 4, Prey, and Wolfenstein II-and they plan to keep that up for this year's show. But above all, a release date for Fallout 76 is also a must.